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It costs nothing and will give you a chance to contribute to the running of the estate. If you have lived on the estate for over three years you can download further details and a joining form from:

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You can find out more information about membership of Moor Pool Heritage Trust by reading our Articles of Association.

Moor Pool Heritage Trust

Are you a member of the Moor Pool Heritage Trust? It costs nothing and will give you a chance to contribute to the running of the estate. 

The Trust strives to conserve and maintain the unique architecture and townscape of the Suburb which makes it an outstanding Conservation Area, and its members should include all of the residents who believe that this conservation is worthwhile.
There are several benefits of membership:

•   Receipt of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company
•   Voting rights in Trust Board elections
•   Voting on resolutions.

The membership requirement is that you are an adult who has lived on the Suburb for more than 3 years. There are no restrictions on the number of members per household.

There is no cost to become a Member of the Trust.

The Trust differs from most companies in that while fulfilling its objective to conserve and maintain the character and amenities of the Suburb it produces no profits or dividends. The Trust does not have shareholders but members who have no financial commitment and a limited liquidation liability of £10.

The company directors are volunteers elected by Trust members or appointed by the Board.

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