This tree you’ve found is Moor Pool’s very youngest tree planted by our Garden Volunteers and our very own tree planter Sofia (Aged 3). The planting took place only in January as part of the Blossom together initiative managed as part of the National Trust. Who worked with Moor Pool to help us access nature through the creation of green spaces and circles of blossom trees.


Fact: Widespread in Scotland, Northern England, Wales and East Anglia, but scarce elsewhere.



True or False: 


The bird cherry has smooth, peeling, grey-brown bark that has an unpleasant, acrid scent. It smells so strong, it was placed on people’s doors to ward off the plague!



Our final tree on the trail to look out for is located on Park Edge by the Circle Flats and is next door to the Bowling Green entrance. Head round to finish off this tree stories trail.