Moor Pool Heritage

Conservation of the Estate

The Moor Pool Estate remains an almost completely intact example of a garden suburb built to provide affordable housing in a semi-rural environment. 

Conservation Area Status and Article 4 (2)

The cottage style houses were built following principles related to the Arts and Crafts movement using local quality materials, which include a uniform roughcast render and red brick, mainly clay roof tiles, timber windows and doors, and features such as arched windows. These features can also be found at Moor Pool Hall and the shops which is indicative of these buildings function as the heart of the Estate and intended as an extension to the residents home lives.

The Moor Pool Estate Conservation Area was designated on 30th July 1970 and comprises 492 residential houses, 4 commercial properties, Moor Pool Hall, the Estate Tennis Courts, garages, bowling green, allotments and the Moor Pool.

Some changes to some of the houses that failed to ‘enhance the character and appearance of the designated area’ led to the addition of Article 4 (2) which adds additional protection and requires permission from the Council for any changes to doors, gates, fences, windows, or exterior painting. All trees within the Moor Pool Estate Conservation area are also protected by a Tree Preservation order.

Within the Conservation Area there are also a number of listed buildings including Moor Pool Hall, the shops at the Circle, the Harborne Tenants’ Estate Office and 2 sets of flats on Ravenhurst Road numbers 108-122.