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Blissfull Bath Babies

Blissfull Bath Babies

Blissful Bath Babies: The home of beautiful nurturing water based midwife led classes for you and your baby.

Fridays: 11.30-13.00 (Lower Hall)

Bath Babies is a very unique type of baby class where the focus is all about time out for you, giving you the space and time to really connect with your baby through nurturing touch in a small and friendly environment.

It is a beautiful sensory experience with the added bonus

of being done in water, which is one of the most natural places

for a baby to be …after all they have not long left your womb.

Bath Babies is the perfect way to introduce your

baby to water experiences and as it is neither a'”spa experience”

or a ‘cleansing bath”. It is the perfect way for you

to become confident holding  and moving your baby through water.