Well done at successfully finding the Silver Birches. These trees share a very distinctive white bark which can be peeled off in strips. It tends to grow quite straight and slender and is popular with landscape gardeners for its colour and shape.

These trees are found right across the central band of Europe and Asia, from Ireland to Japan.

Moor Pool Quiz Question:      Keep a note of your answers and these will be found at the very end.

Which Bird usually finds itself a nest in the trunk of the Silver Birch?

A) Starling

B)    Sparrow

C)    Woodpecker

Fact: The Silver Birches were seen to be planted in 1977, the time of the 1977 Silver Jubilee.

Now you will find yourself moving up Carless Avenue, make sure you look out for a plaque dedicated in memory of a devoted worker from the Builders Yard and you will find your next tree.